#93 - Act 4.17 - in 4. Existential Ruse

Act 4.17

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Author Note


GabbyGood GabbyGood said:

Izmayre is having a hard time processing something Akio has accepted for years now. All he wants is what his sister has: fleeting love.

Next week is a three page special finale! I had hopes to keep going into Act five but a lot of things prevented that sooo, I'll be going on another two month break to prep for the next chapter~

3rd May 2019, 8:42 AM


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MK_Wizard MK_Wizard

Akio is being more mature about this than most parents would be.

3rd May 2019, 8:46 AM


GabbyGood GabbyGood

He learned about this so young he's just ready at this point.

3rd May 2019, 12:02 PM


junoro junoro

I was already feeling sad, but then that author comment just twisted the knife, ouch. Fleeting love...

3rd May 2019, 11:28 AM


GabbyGood GabbyGood

He's cool but Akio is just as hopeless of a romantic as Makenshi. ;-; ugh it just gets sadder from here I'm sorry

3rd May 2019, 12:04 PM

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